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Brand Taglines


Marketing strategy plays a key role in the success of any brand. Promotion of a brand is the major component of marketing strategy in any kind of business. In the context of branding, first we have to know the meaning of products and brands. According to Kotler & Keller (2015), a product can be any item or thing that can be offered to market in order to satisfy different needs of a customer, be it physical goods, services, experiences, events, information and ideas. According to American Marketing Association, a term “brand” is a kind of name, design, symbol etc that recognizes the products of the seller differently from other sellers. Here comes the role of company’s tagline that plays a crucial role in achieving the attention of the audience. Why should the customer choose your brand? The answer to this question relies on the brand tagline. This fact can be easily verified from some memorable taglines that are completing successful in winning the heart of the large audience. Following are the examples of such memorable brand taglines:

1) Nike: “Just Do it”

2) MasterCard: “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.

3) McDonald’s: “I’m lovin’ it”

4) BMW: “The ultimate driving machine”.

5) Disneyland: “The happiest place on Earth”.

What are brand taglines?

A brand tagline is a kind of phrase that’s designed in such a way that it completely describes the brand in just a short sentence. It acts like a short description of the company. In advertising of the brand, a brand’s tagline plays a very crucial role. It works as a medium of communication between the company and customers. It is one of the deciding factors of a brand’s future in the market. Catchy brand taglines always work as a psychological factor that deeply impact the customer’s mind and heart. In order to target audience, such marketing strategies differentiate your company from others in the market. Sometimes, brand taglines don’t reflect the true identity of the brand. Solo purpose of such brand taglines is just to connect emotionally with the customers. For example, a famous mobile phone brand “Apple” has its tagline, “Think Different”. It simply doesn’t tell about the company but it is appealing to the audience and hence, people connect very well with this brand. This is not a wrong strategy. Merely relying on one definition of brand tagline is not good. In order to compete in the market, one must explore the different angles of the branding theory.

Importance of (good) Brand tagline

The memorable brand tagline is always a plus point in the marketing strategy. Its importance lies in the fact that it can certainly helps to stand out your company in the market. In this competitive era, standing out in the market is the need of an hour. If you are not capable of grabbing the customer’s attention towards your brand, then the failure of your company is easily predictable. Your hard work to the company only pays off when your company tagline is good. It helps to connect with your customer emotionally. A good brand tagline helps you to stand different in the market where similar products are available. Let us take an example of two insurance companies i.e., AllState and State Farm, both have different brand taglines and this creates a difference between two. The tagline of Allstate is “Are you in good hands”. On the other hand, State Farm’s tagline is “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”. Both are insurance companies, but different thoughts are created in the mind after reading their brand taglines. Creating a memorable brand tagline is not very easy. Here, we provide some tips that are essential while choosing a brand tagline.

 5 Tips for designing (good) brand taglines

1) Design it simple and clear

Tagline company must understand that the phrase should be simple and clear so that less educated or not educated audiences can also easily connect with it. Tagline company must avoid the usage of poetry or technical terms in the brand tagline. Deep technical terms are not good to choose . Also, Tagline company must not make such brand taglines for which the audience has to guess your idea behind the tagline. Your idea must be crystal clear to the audience through your company tagline. 

2) Creative writing

Audience always connects with the tagline company only when they see any kind of uniqueness or creativity. Therefore, Tagline company must come up with some clever ideas instead of classical ones, which can easily grab the attention of the audience. Creative work is always good for the company. In almost all kinds of business, creative brand taglines must be insured by the Tagline company. By creative, we mean such ideas that are not used earlier or even it can’t be imagined. Such innovative ideas are always welcome in the Tagline company.

3) Design it short

Brand taglines are the shortest phrases that doesn’t consume much time of the audience. So, Tagline company must design it as shortest as possible. But keep in mind that it must be appealing. In the pocket sized advertising screens, customer wants everything in a trimmed fashion. Same is the case of brand taglines. Brand taglines must be designed by the Tagline company short so that it cops up with the current or future generation needs. Even grammatical errors are also somehow not considered while designing brand taglines. Take an example of MacDonald’s tagline, ” “I’m lovin’ it”. This is the example of short tagline. But if we look at the grammatical part, it is grammatically incorrect. Its catchy and short phrase makes it worldwide famous tagline.

4) Involve the audience in Tagline company

Tagline company musn’t over-talk in your company tagline. Avoid the usage of “I”, “Our” in your phrases. Try to praise the audience instead of over-praising the company. This will be really appealing to the customers. Take an example of famous brand Nike’s tagline, “Just do it”. It generates motivation among the audience to achieve different goals of their lives. Tagline company must give a rough idea about brand by generating spirit among the audience and in same way, it is appealing to choose this brand particularly over different other brands. This strategy also works efficiently for Tagline company in grabbing customer’s choice of choosing your brand over others.

5) Company tagline should be positive

Tagline company must know that any kind of negativity definitely affects your branding. So, keep this point in your mind that Tagline company must give positive vibes instead of negative ones. For example, a famous soft drink brand, Coca Cola has its tagline, “Open Happiness”. It creates very positive atmosphere. Another beauty brand, L’Oreal tagline – “Because you’re worth it” also conveys positive message that is quite appealing to the audience.

Brand tagline versus Slogan

Has the Tagline company ever noticed the difference between a brand tagline and a slogan for the company? Many individuals including marketing experts may also miss this concept. There is misleading in the fact that a tagline or a slogan, both are same. There is a difference between the two. A Brand tagline is a kind of short phrases that completely reflects about the whole company. A slogan, on the other hand is a short phrase that only talks about the particular product of the Tagline company and not the whole company. Brand taglines are the permanent phrases while a slogan is temporary which can be changed over time. This can be understood with the help of an example.  A famous chocolate brand “Kit Kat” has a tagline, “Have a break, have a kit Kat”. This tagline is very much successful to convince people to choose Kit Kat over other chocolate brands. This is their marketing tool. But in addition to this, you must have heard of various slogans such as “Break time, anytime” and “Breaks are good, have one”. But these are temporary ones and also not very well-known to the audience. These are created time to time just to maintain consistency. But the main tagline is the one which remains and it is ever lasting. Brand taglines directly connect with the audience and its impression is always long lasting. But it doesn’t mean that slogans are of no use in the marketing strategy. It helps to refresh the connection which fades away with the passage of time. Therefore, both brand taglines and slogans are the important tools of marketing strategy for Tagline company. But the difference between the two is to be considered by the Tagline company while preparing marketing strategy for the company.

Online tools as tagline generator

There are various tools available online that helps to generate catchy brand taglines. Creating a unique tagline is really a challenging part. The concept of plagiarism should also be kept in mind while generating a tagline. Online tagline generators help to easily achieve this target. Different tagline options are just available in seconds. You have to choose only one such tagline generator and then add your company’s name, it will come up with different ideas and you just have to choose only one for your company. Although a company must come up individually with unique tagline, tagline generators are considerable option for any company.