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What are content provider in android?


Introduction:  In android, the content provider serves as an important component as a relational database to store the data of applications. The relational database is the type of database that stores and provides access to data points that are related to one another. Relational databases are based on the relational model, an intuitive, straightforward way of representing data in tables. The data’s can also be represented by tables. The access to the content provider in android is given by this providers. This content provider in android is very helpful in accessing the data from other application securely. 

Role of content provider in android: The role of content provider in android phone is actually an interesting mechanism. For example, if there are two different applications present in the android phone. If any data is required among the two applications, the data’s are taken with the help of content provider in android and given to the other application, content provider in android. But before transaction of the information’s, the content provider asks for the permission and the permission are restricted and blocked, if the wrong information’s are provided by the user, content provider in android. 

SQLite Database: The SQLite Database is an open source database, which helps the android users to save their images, videos in the form of the text file, content provider in android. The images are stored in the form of text file, because it is very difficult for the user to trap the information. As this database is open source, it need not be more secure, but if the information stored in the form of text file, the data’s are kept securely, content provider in android. This is present in every android phone. The operating system is placed in such a way, that it is available not only in personal computer, but also in the android phone as well, content provider in android. 

The main advantage of sqlite database is, it supports all the relational database features. So, we need not connect with JDBC, ODBC etc, content provider in android. (JDBC- Java DataBase Connectivity, ODBC- Open DataBase Connectivity). These are the features present in java software, so if we have sqlite database, we need not install these components, content provider in android.

Advantages of SQLite Database: SQLite Database is often used as disk file format, which is placed as desktop applications, which includes financial analysis tool, media cataloguing and editing suites, record keeping programs etc, content provider in android.

Financial analysis tool: The financial analysis tools includes the Microsoft excel sheet, balance sheet etc, content provider in android. This financial analysis tool is helpful for the student’s, business people etc. because if we want to total the number of products purchased and their gross amount, everything is made easy using this financial analysis tools. So, if we install sqlite database, we cannot separately install this financial analysis tools, content provider in android.

Media cataloguing and editing suites: The media cataloguing and editing suits are another important tool in sqlite database. In this tool, it is present in content provider in android, where the images which are taken in the particular android phone, are saved in this tool, content provider in android. Some of the images, which are taken, long back, will not open in some android phone, is mainly because of the improper installation of this application, content provider in android. When a person takes a photo in an android phone using a normal camera, the image, which is taken is not clear content provider in android, then it is taken using other application’s, all the images taken are collected as a whole and stored in this tool. This tool also has editing options, in which we can edit and crop the images, according to our wish. And we can send the images using mail to another person, content provider in android. 

Record keeping programs: The record keeping programs is an interesting tool, which is located in android phone, where if the user wants to record a speech instantly, it can be done using this tool. The main advantage of this database is it stores an information in the text format. So, the data’s are secured and the access can be given using content provider in android. 

These are some of the features in the sqlite database. This is an important feature of content provider in android. 

Safety aspects in content provider in android: The safety aspects in content provider is it does not give access to the data easily. The user will be asked for the permission, to get the information in some tools, the permission is needed. Mostly, for gathering information from an application, the passwords required will be their date of birth, or the initials of the first four letter. Some of the applications, which are more important will not allow the users to get inside the application. The passwords are more case sensitive. The content provider transfers information within the data in the same android phone only. Because the server is the same for all the applications, content provider in android.

Even for syncing the applications, the user is asked for the mail id, the mail id and password should be entered exactly by the user. Otherwise, the application will not allow the user. These are the main safety aspects for the content provider in android. 

Content provider – a boon: The content provider in android is a boon for android users. Before days, there was no content provider in phones. The operating system is not so good in the basic model phones. On that time, the data’s are hacked by another applications. Nowadays, the content provider in android is so efficient, that if the data are hacked also, the data’s can be retrieved easily. The IP address can be easily traced by the people, and they can access the data, the images and videos are also saved by the content provider in android. 

Conclusion: The content provider in android is a useful tool in android phones. It is helpful for the users, nowadays. There are so many applications installed in an android phone, so content provider is must for the users.