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Preparing Content for YouTube


YouTube is a platform that gives everyone a voice to interact with the world. It provides a chance to its users to create, store or share the videos online without caring about the topic. Anyone can choose any topic which he/she likes or prepare content for YouTube and finally upload it. But preparing content for YouTube is not so easy. Various points have to be taken into consideration before uploading a video in order to maintain quality of the content and also to make good amount of money from your videos. Here in this article, we will discuss such tips that are highly effective for you to prepare content for YouTube. So, stay tuned with this article.

 10 Effective tips for preparing content for YouTube


1) Impressive Channel trailer

The very first step in preparing content for YouTube is to make a proper channel for the audience. It is important to create an impressive channel trailer in order to gain maximum subscribers to your channel. Although viewers can navigate your channel from any of your videos uploaded, impressive channel trailer help you to achieve maximum subscribers. Therefore, work effectively on the content strategy of channel trailer. Proper attention must be given to channel name also. Channel name is the identity of the channel that needs to be effective in order to grab maximum attention from your viewers to the videos of your channel.

2) Proper Introduction and Ending styles

Always make proper introduction and ending styles for your videos. First few minutes of the video are very crucial, as it is the time when a viewer decides whether to stay on the video or move on, so maintain your introduction content very effective or impressive. Think of different ideas from your surroundings. You take help from various TV shows or other videos available on YouTube. In the same way, your ending should also be effective. A good bye or any kind of suggestions is the points that must be included at the end of the video. Also in the end screens, make sure that your viewers are directed to other videos of your channel. Although it is automated, you can crosscheck it.

3) Effective Meta Data

Metadata is a kind of data that are included in order to describe your video. It can be video title, keyword tags and video description in the description box. Your metadata should be very accurate and specific, as the main purpose of such data is to give the exact idea to the audience about your content in the video. If audience finds its effective, only then they will click on your videos, otherwise not. Your keywords included must go with your original content of the video, if not, and then it’s not going to benefit you. Also, metadata plays very important role in YouTube Search. Make this point clear in your mind and work accordingly on metadata.

4) Video Thumbnails

Video thumbnails are kind of still images or snapshots of your YouTube videos that help viewers to quickly snapshot your video while browsing other videos on YouTube. When you’re uploading a video, after its completion, YouTube automatically give you 3 options for the thumbnail of your video that is generated in between your video. You have to wisely choose 1 option for the thumbnail and make sure that it is highly impressive so that chances for the viewers to watch it becomes double for you.

5) Links related data

In the description box of your video, data related to links must be ensured carefully. Make the use of such clickable links in your videos that help viewers to go on specific location within YouTube. This will help viewers to gain additional information related to your video content. Giving specific links in the description box is a very effective way for providing additional information to the viewers.

6) Maintain regularity in your content

While preparing content for YouTube, always ensure to maintain regularity. Audience always wants to see unique or genuine content. Try to make such type of content with regularity. Your videos must come within specific span of time. This helps you to gain trust of the audience in you.

7) Proper Curation of your content

Curation means to create or arrange your content in quite a logical way. Same must be ensured with YouTube videos. Properly organize your content and then upload it in form of video on YouTube. It gives good impression to your viewers and they definitely recommend your channel to their dear ones also.  Maintaining a proper playlist of your videos is a good way of curation. Also don’t forget to update your playlist.

8) Adding Behind the scene shots or B roll

Adding behind the making scene shots is a unique way of preparing interesting content for your video. This helps to build interest among audience. Therefore, reusing or recycling your footage is also a smart way of adding effective content to your YouTube videos.

9) Take care of Mobile Audience

Almost 70-80% viewers prefer to watch YouTube videos on their mobile phones instead of PCs or laptops. Therefore, prepare your content in such way that it is easy to view for mobile audience. Try to make easy to see thumbnails and short titles for your videos.

10) Analyze previous uploaded videos effectively

YouTube analytics help you to evaluate the performance of your videos and channel. Track your performance of the videos on YouTube analytics and then work accordingly on the content of your future videos. This helps you to grow effectively in this field. 


Preparing content for YouTube is not very easy or very difficult task. Your Content strategy is the key deciding factor in the performance of your videos. If you adopt perfect content strategy along with effective tips for preparing content, then nobody stops you to gain maximum subscribers to your channel. The only need is to include such a perfect effective tips for your video content that is discussed in this article.