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Mobile SEO refers to the optimization of websites and at the same time making it perfect for viewing on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. As mobile users have increased immensely so has been the increase in demand for mobile-friendly websites which has surpassed desktop versions of websites. Therefore it is significant for an SEO service provider to optimize your website in a mobile responsive way. Web developers and SEO experts work together to make their mobile SEO plan highly functional. As more than 50% of internet users are now surfing websites through their mobile devices every day. Google is already favoring mobile-friendly sites

Search engines work differently when it comes to mobile SEO. They have a different algorithm for mobile website indexing. The site architecture for mobile websites is different and needs a special optimization approach for ranking it on a search engine. Therefore you need specialists who can work on your site’s mobile version for effective Mobile SEO. If you don’t have a mobile website, you should opt for one. Once you launch your mobile website, you will get to know about its significance and how variant it is in terms of SEO.


  • A mobile site is easily accessible anywhere.
  • Content is easily shareable from a single URL.
  • Indexing your single URL for higher search engine rankings gets easier by search engines.
  • Maintaining multiple pages for the same content becomes convenient.
  • The mobile design doesn’t require working on common SEO and formatting from scratch.
  • It doesn’t need any additional setup time.
  • The search engine’s algorithm won’t use many resources and will take less time to crawl your website.
  • Pages take less time to load as there is no chance of redirecting in the mobile version.

Choose Growth Guide For Mobile SEO Service

Growth Guide is a team of SEO specialists who are determined to take your mobile website to the top ranking of Google. Our extraordinary skills are quantifiable and are effective enough to show you noticeable results.

We don’t reformat a website for its mobile version but also work on its architecture and Mobile SEO. We redesign the website layout for easy access and optimal viewing.