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4 Reasons Why Every Digital Entrepreneur Should Blog?

While many businesses are still skeptical of the controversial world of blogging, those who’ve accepted blogging into their businesses and marketing campaigns are reaping the profits of blogging. While blogging requires consistency that might require extra effort it’s equally rewarding and even more than some traditional methods of marketing. A tool to share information blogs can be considered as a journalistic and educational part of content writing wherein you increase your customers by showing your prowess on a certain topic without actually doing any promotions.

Data depicts that blogs are credited with bringing the most leads from various sources such as social media, search engines, and also being one of the most read and trusted sources for information. Being such an important part of Content Writing, blogging has big shoes to fill and as such, it involves different formats of content such as images, words, and videos all the while staying in touch with recent trends. A blog with quality content and creativity makes a business profitable by boosting website visibility.

Despite the sets of data that support the fact that blogging is a very clear choice when it comes to marketing, business owners still hesitate to opt to blog. While that might happen for various reasons but just to make sure that you know everything there is to know here are some of the benefits/advantages of including blogging.

1.      Value Creation: A well-written blog creates value for customers as no one likes to follow a business that objectifies and uses their platform to just sell their product rather than being interesting. Offering something before you start to sell is better than selling right away. While that offering is mostly education and knowledge about your business it’s nonetheless a move to initiate contact and try to stay relevant.

Suppose a business that is an online food preparation and delivery system blogs about different recipes for you to make is trying to establish contact and also provide value for their customers. So with blogs that consist of articles, checklists, and ideas, value is added to their business which inspires users and puts trust in the brand.

2.      Helps in informing about products/services: Blogging is a masterstroke because it is one of the most indirect forms of marketing which sometimes works better than a direct newspaper ad. People don’t want to spend too much time reading something that doesn’t help them, and that’s where blogs are used because it creates an experience for every prospective customer who is unaware of what you’re selling. So blog marketing tries to rope in existing as well as new customers, therefore, creating a better bond. So in short rather than trying to convince them that your products are the best you explain your products and let them make the decision.

3.      Generate Leads & SEO: With blogs, you can increase your chances of being chosen in the search engine query by including keywords that customers relevant to you search for. A way to stay relevant and true to your business keywords help you to increase website visits by depicting that you are more relevant to what the individual is looking for. And so once web crawlers find your blog relevant enough they put you before your customers.

A great example is searching for hotels to stay at a hill station and finding a website (that takes care of booking you into hotels) with a blog about the places to visit in that particular hill station. With blogs, you also get leads and first-timers who were looking for something and stumbled across your website. Trying to make an interaction with new people by asking them to review and asking them to follow you on social networks.

4.      Low Cost: Finance is the most important to run a business and therefore a concern for many. But blogs are the most cost-effective option because there is no additional cost needed to set up a blog. Having a website is enough to get you a blog. With an inbuilt function in several hosting sites, blogs are very cheap and the only expense that it takes is your time. As with blogs you need to be dedicated and on a routine.

These are some of the benefits of using blogging as your marketing channel. While there are always going to be problems with anything there is no doubt that blogging is one of the best parts of content marketing and when utilized to its full potential it’ll play its role beautifully.

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