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Top 5 Tools For Academic Writing

Academic Writing is one of the most complicated yet important parts of writing. And that is because Academic writing serves as a tool of communication that conveys the acquired knowledge in different fields of study. It is clear and concise, focussed, well-structured, and as everyone understands backed up by evidence. With the purpose to aid the reader’s understanding, it also helps students analyze, convey understanding, think critically and focus on technique and style.

Although these writings are mostly formal in tone and style, they are not complex and do not require the use of complex writing and enhanced vocabulary. There are four main styles of academic writing, descriptive, analytical, persuasive, and critical. All four of them differ in languages, have different features, and serve different purposes. Research Paper, Conference Paper, Thesis, Book Review, Research Paper, Essay, Academic Journals, etc. are some of the examples of Academic Writing.

1.         Evernote: An innovative, popular and effective paper writing app that is used to organize and collect notes. With Evernote, you can gather quotes, images, and ideas, during a particular moment and use them later. An efficient and free research tool Evernote can be used to organize distinctive formats of content including images, dialog snippets, PDF scanned documents, as well as other theories that cross your mind. Useful whenever as a collective tool it is very beneficial for conducting research which is the first step of good Academic Writing.

2.         Ref-n-write: An academic writing software Ref-n-write is used to improve your writing skills. It does so by enabling you to search for statements with the tone, type, and style that are similar to some of the already existing documents with better quality materials that have better writing aspects and which you can use to handle your future assignments. With the practice of initiative learning, Ref-n-write enhances your skills by offering you a perfect platform for practice. So all you need to do is drag-and-drop better and ideal articles and then you can search for particular words and language ideas while finishing your paper.

3.         FocusWriter: The Internet is filled up with distractions and engaging in these distractions affects your productivity with disastrous effects. And that is where FocusWriter comes in as it helps you in blocking distractions while your concentration never waivers. Therefore, managing your assignments becomes very easy as it removes distractions that stop you from focusing on your work completion. FocusWriter hides distractive tools and sets your screen, according to how you want the text to appear. It also helps by keeping track of the progress that you are making in your writing.

4.         Hemingway Editor: A paper editing tool Hemingway Editor is an app that tries to fix the comprehensibility or clarity of your work. While acting as a guide it shows you how to enhance the sentences in your document by highlighting difficult-to-read sentences, passive voices, as well as adverbs in your work. With a paid and unpaid version, Hemingway allows text creation, photo, and audio notes, clipping web pages, and note synchronization across various devices.

5.         Grammarly: Another paper editor Grammarly is useful in editing and correcting spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and style. Present for both internet and MS Word, it highlights and then notifies you of your errors and also suggests what might be the correct option by providing you with an alternative. Grammarly also lets you know whether or not a particular phrase is alright to use by prompting you with a suggestion to replace your phase with a different one. Grammarly is available free and subscription basis.

Well, there you go, those were some of the software tools that can help you with Academic Writing.

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