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What Is Good Content For A Website?

In today’s world of developing technology, everything has changed from upside down. The presence of businesses online has become a necessity as most of your relevant audience is there. But to engage them you need to advertise and promote your business too. Promoting your business is what Digital Marketing is simply put. Writing a good content is one of the major factors for digital marketing. Various kinds of Digital Marketing is to say, that you can promote your business online in many ways.

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Pay-per-Click
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Email Marketing

Social Media MarketingSearch Engine OptimizationPay-per-ClickContent MarketingEmail Marketing
So what are they? Although all of them are similar as the name suggests, we are going to give you a brief description before we get on with the entire program.
Social Media Marketing is the way of marketing your products on (surprise), social media by posting on social media pages that are used to tell the world or more directly your audience based on the demands and latest trends that the people on those platforms are following. There is zero expenditure in this case.
Search Engine Optimization is trying to show your presence to the world when they search about something that has a little bit of relevance to you. So, when you search for something on your search engine (probably Google) it shows you certain results, and from those results, you choose one.
So according to Search engine algorithms, the page that has the most relevance to your query is how you get your answers. There is no money involved; all you need is stats of people’s searches and other things to know how you can be SEO friendly.
Pay-per-click or PPC is a part of social media and search engines where ads are displayed to a certain and relevant audience based on various reasons such as searches or followings.
Email Marketing is a way of sending emails to your customers and following up with them to retain new ones and also to maintain old and loyal ones.
Content Marketing is trying to shout out aloud about yourself by writing content or posting a video on your website. It is one of the most important forms of digital marketing as Content Marketing supports every other form of Digital Marketing, quite literally.
So basically, Content marketing is an approach that focuses on the creation and distribution of content that is valuable, relevant, and consistent to attract and retain a clearly defined audience that will ultimately drive profitable customer action. It was aforementioned that content marketing is a very important step in Digital Marketing and I’ll explain to you how.
Now, there has often been a misconception that Content Marketing is only about writing about your product or services. But Content Marketing is a lot more than just that. Content Marketing is education rather than promotion. You can’t just write stuff about your company and expect to stay relevant.
So Content Marketing is like using stats to decide what is better for my people and thereby making them a loyal customer. You need to understand how the market works and what is most popular to write about so that you come first in the search listings. So that’s where SEO comes in, you write content so that you can make your website visible to others. In fact, according to Forbes SEO is so important that an article without SEO is like a body without a soul. And now you know how SEO and social media marketing are related to content marketing.
So, now you need to understand what kind of content your website needs and how do you decide that. So first of all you need to find the group of audience that is relevant to your business. So that you can post according to their taste and choices. Understand that every time a new customer comes into your website it is through your words that you try to capture their interests. And if you do enough you might convert them into your loyal customers.
While researching your audience it might be better if you get an idea of your competitors too. It’s always good to scan your surroundings before you do anything and your competitors being an important part of your external surroundings it might be better if you have an understanding of how they work ad what sets you apart from them. Next, it might be better to draw up a schedule of what all you need to post as your content based on keywords, audiences, time, etc.
Content Writing for websites
Now let’s move onto the types of content that you should post when trying to catch your audience’s attention.
So your visuals such as videos, photos, memes are all very helpful when trying to make your audience stay on your website and view some more options rather than backing down when not finding it captivating, and as stats suggest videos are viewed more than something that’s written.
But SEO’s aren’t affected by designs, videos, pictures, etc. You need content to rank it in search listings. It does not matter whether that written content is a blog, an infomercial, a DIY, a review, a promotional article all of it is set by the search engine’s algorithm to show based on how much it likes your content. Remember, that both written and visuals are important when writing content that you want to top the lists. That is a good mantra for creating good content for your website.
Why is content important?
I’m sure that by now you’ve got a pretty good reason why you should invest in Content Marketing. But, just in case there are a few reasons:
· Your brand’s reputation increases: Your customers find your content trustworthy, educational, engaging, and valuable. And these feelings will convert your potential leads to your loyal customers. So, basically content tries to put value to your businesses and thereby making readers add those similar values to your values. Remember that the more value you add, the more trustworthy you will be.
· Content brings conversions: Not only can you convert leads by making them aware of your presence, but you can also help them make an informed decision. You can guide your audience through a clear Call-to-action and thereby leaving the choice to move forward to them.
· SEO improves with optimized content: Yes, there it is again. SEO is a very important part of online promotions and putting keywords, writing on something that’s trending will get more attention. Stats show that search indexes rank websites with regular content than those that don’t.
· It’s cheap to bring new leads: It is cheaper than some of the traditional ways of marketing and can generate more leads than usual channels. Its affordability is one of the things that makes it a good option in digital marketing. Not only is it an affordable tactic but can also generate Return On Investment with great efficiency. All you need to do is understand your targetted market well and then all is going to go well.
· You can exhibit your knowledge: Previously I said that content builds trust, now here is an explanation. Writing well and in a detailed way on any topic shows that you know enough about it to guide people in their decisions thereby making you an expert in their eyes. And in the future, after they’ve made the decision or are in their final phases you might find yourselves with a loyal customer.
· Great content can also retain old customers: Old customers are very important to your business. They might be what protects you from insolvency in bad times. According to BIA Kelsey, ‘61% of SMBs say that half of their revenue is coming from repeat customers’. Now you might ask, ‘how does content marketing come into all of this?’. Well, content isn’t only useful when you’re trying to get new leads but it’s also useful when you’re trying to keep your old loyal customers. Your old or one-time shoppers might be more attracted to you if you provide them some valuable lessons that will help them in their shopping.
· Everybody desires the best: Good content is what converts leads. Stats have shown that customers are more prone to get affected with good content and like to know about famous brands and what they’ve to say for themselves. Gather data from your various articles, use it to understand what people like and what they don’t like. Next, you can concentrate on those areas more effectively. You can upgrade, make it better and more effective, and much more just by understanding what it is that they want.
What is good content?
Quality content is a very imprecise way to ask whether what I’ve done is right or wrong. How to know whether what you are doing is working or not. As there is no hard and fast rule. But you can follow these suggestions to the best of your capabilities. Although we’ve talked about this before, here you go again:
· Know your audience: Yes, I’ve talked about this. But here it is again, you need to write content according to what your audience likes. Only if you know who your audience is can you promote and market yourselves so that it’ll work positively.
· Write it well and be concise: No one likes a poorly written article with grammar and spelling mistakes. You don’t have to put heavy words in your simple article. One of the most important parts of creating content is that it is easily understandable by anyone and everyone, therefore it’s obvious that keeping your language civil and words simply without using much of thesaurus.
· Add visuals: All text and no pictures makes your content dull. Understand that no one likes to just keep on reading without any pictures or videos. Videos are going to increase your views and also stop people from going back without reading your entire content.
· Concise CTA and SEO optimized: We’ve already talked about this, so I’m not going into detail but, having a Call-To-Action embedded in your content and also writing with keywords that search engine optimized.
How do you divide good content and bad content?
Now that you have done these things, your next question could be ‘how to find out if what I’m creating is quality content or not?’. Well, again stats to the rescue! Through the use of various tools such as HubSpot or WordPress, you can find out whether what you are creating is working or not. All you need to do is visit your website to check what content is being clicked at or read and what isn’t. Thereby from the following data, you can conclude if what you are writing is working.
Now you know what is quality content, how is it created, and how to find out if what you are writing is good or not. Let’s move onto the difference between quality content and bad content as it is very important if you want to clearly understand the importance of quality content.
There are a few criteria that if followed can result in bad content:
Ø I’ve said this before, and I’ll say this again one of the reasons for content’s presence itself is to build everlasting trust. And if you start promoting your product straightaway without building any type of rapport well then you are doomed.
Ø Don’t just start talking about your company neither should you just keep on talking about it. Get an interval in between relax, then carry on. Even while writing about your business it might be better if you have something to show for it. Try to stay at a single group of the audience without jumping to different places. Trying to cover all of them might make you unable to cover even one of them.
Ø Though already mentioned a couple of times but here you go, do not simply write nor attach only a bunch of photos or videos to your content. Good quality content is a combination of both of them.
Why is good content important?
Now onto the elephant of the room, the importance of good quality content. Up to this point I’ve mentioned this quite a few times directly or indirectly. But if you missed it then here are some of the points that explain why quality content is important for your website:
· Provides value for visitors: With quality content, there will be an increase in reads and shares of your content if it provides value to people. By promoting ideas, discussion, and interest in your industry, blog, or business there will be an increase in the value of your content. Content that has good value will result in growth in website conversions and sales, successfully driving more traffic to your site, improvement in sharing of your website content, and an increase in the level of engagement of your visitors.
· Content with high value will increase sales: Being a trustworthy business is very important for your business. Quality content can generate sales if you can drill down on your group of customers and bring them to make them the purchase. On an estimate, 77% of consumers read online content before they make the final decision on the product that you want to purchase. Creating content such as FAQs about products, product reviews, etc. can lead potential customers to sales.
· Good content lives longer: Good quality content remains on the top of the internet for a long time. Written as for “how-to” articles, top ten lists, instructional videos, and case studies these contents have elements that help it to maintain long shelf life. Content with long life is written so that it provides value to readers and viewers alike, covers broader issues within an industry or market space, does not “date stamp” the content with an event or date-specific information, is updated over time, complies with SEO best practices.
But remember that contents that have a shorter shelf life such as something that is trending and will fade out in the future is also important for your website as it might be useful in bringing people to your website. Therefore, as usual, a mixture is better.
· Increased shares: Good quality contents are worth sharing. Good contents are informative, engaging, funny, controversial, educational, or insightful and are therefore shared regularly. With the present condition of social media and connecting the entire world word of mouth is very significant and sharing constitutes a very important part of it. Good content when shared helps with content discovery, Website and business visibility, visitor traffic to the business website, building additional, quality links to your business website.
· Good Quality contents are more SEO-friendly: Quality content appropriately uses keywords. inbound links, and much more that makes content search engine friendly. Therefore a good content by following SEO’s well makes your website easily discoverable and higher in search listings.
· Good quality contents have higher usability: Usability can mean many things from navigating your site to the ease of use for visitors, to how easily can it be accessed, and to the interconnection between relevant pieces of content. When relevant content is easily located, it results in better-satisfied visitors. With Adding timely and relevant internal links in-between content there will be an increase in the value and usability of both the content and the website. Internal linking refers to the practice of using clickable links to connect relevant pieces of content within a website. By adding links from the product page, blog page, FAQ’s page, video content it’ll be easier for the website visitor to find relevant content.
· Online Product Differentiation value: Thankfully, valuable content can help your small business stand out from the masses and offer real differentiation in your web presence. With unique posts, such as humorous blogs, infographics, or informative videos visitors separate your brand from competitors. This type of quality content can also stimulate ongoing return traffic from website visitors.
Now you know why it is important to create good content for your website. Only with good content can you drive your sales up and increase your leads that is to say that to sustain and function efficiently in today’s world of technology you need to create content with good quality.

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