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How To Start Blog Writing?

Blog Writing is a very important part of Content Writing because with blogs you can share information regarding your business and its services. Apart from that with blogs, you can put forth your personal opinions and beliefs on various topics. So with blogging, you create a character and a personality you attach yourself to your customers and make yourself approachable for first-timers. So blogging works to your benefit by securing your business and making it profitable. With creative and quality blogs, you boost your website visibility and get on different platforms, establish your credibility by showing yourself as an expert,

According to stats, there is a 67% increase in leads from blogging and several businesses see up to 13% ROI. Studies suggest that blogs are one of the most trusted sources of information for customers and that 61% of consumers make a purchase only after reading a blog. Regardless of blogging being a cost-effective and efficient tool and all of its functions of communicating with your audience and driving traffic to your website, there are some things that businesses shouldn’t do and some that they should. Here is a list of some of those Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Writing.


These are some of the important do’s that you should follow to get the greatest results.

1.      Be consistent: Consistency is one of the most important things to do when managing a blog. According to data businesses that post regularly and consistently are more likely to be on the first page of Google search results. Therefore the more regular you’re with your posts the more likely you’re to get a visit because 75 percent of people do not make it past the first page. So it’s better to create a schedule and be consistent with it, without lapse.

2.      Use imagery: Most people don’t read novels because there are no pictures and it’s all words making it boring. Similarly, while blogs might be used to increase knowledge, people stop reading in case of lack of visual stimulation. And therefore, graphics are a great way to actually capture someone’s attention and stop them from reverting. So try to make your blogs more graphic with more pictures to increase the time that people stay on your site.

3.      Use social media: One of the biggest things that a business profits through is word of mouth and in today’s world of connectivity, social media plays the role of intermediary to spread word superbly. So after you’ve successfully published your blog, share it on all of your social media platforms! From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. all of it. So openly flaunt your blog because by doing that you guarantee yourself a new audience and also an impression on your old followers.


After knowing what you should do, it’s important to understand what you shouldn’t do, so that your businesses don’t suffer.

1.      Don’t write too much: Just as I said previously that people get bored when they’ve just read without any graphics, similarly, people get bored when what they are reading is too long. And although this doesn’t mean that you should only write 100-200 words, going above 1000 words isn’t very wise as by then people might move onto some more relatable and easy article. So it’s better to not ramble and add irrelevant content and paragraphs.

2.      Don’t submit something with simple mistakes: When you submit something that has simple grammatical and spelling mistakes, readers take it to mean that either you’re inexperienced or unprofessional, both of which are very harmful to you. So it’s better to proofread and make sure that your content doesn’t have any mistakes and errors.

3.      Don’t write negatively: People often avoid reading blogs that are too gloomy and filled up with personal problems. Of course, there is no problem in sharing your opinion and thoughts, but it’s probably better if you’re positive, inspirational, and supportive rather than condescending and sour unless of course if that’s what you’re writing about. So to increase your shares and readings it’s better if you have a positive and upbeat tone in your blogs.

It’s shocking to hear that many still shy away from Blog writing despite its benefits and positive results. Probably because of the insecurity that comes with a blog, whether it’ll work or not. And if you too were unsure of blogs then I hope that this article has solved your doubts.

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